About Us

Welcome to GeoOne Solutions

GeoOne Solutions is one of the leading company in the field of disaster mitigation and topographic survey using LIDAR technology. Our services include the following

  • Installation of Rockfall Barriers
  • Design and Installation of Slope Stabilization systems
  • Design and Installation of Slope Monitoring systems
  • Design and Installation of Slope Monitoring systems
  • Retaining Walls & structures
  • Tunnel portal protection from Rockfall and landslides
  • Design and Construction of check dams and debris flow barriers
  • LIDAR Surveys
  • Geotechnical consulting , Geophysical Investigations

We are a quality motivated and profit driven organization working to provide Geotechnical engineering services which are efficient, cost effective and proven. We have a motive to protect the lives and nurture the nature with sustainable geo engineering solution.

GeoOne Solutions has vast experience and capability to handle slope stabilization projects of various magnitudes. We have set an ambitious and feasible goal to provide world class slope stabilization and Geotechnical engineering services to mitigate the risk and provide effective solutions for disaster management using our strong engineering and knowledge base.


With governments Impetus on developing new highways and strengthening road transport system makes it an attractive sector for the Industry and we with our proven track record are ready to support you and government’s initiative to build a better safer world class road infrastructure which is safe and cost effective.

We do not believe in simply selling services we rather believe in creating an ecosystem of long lasting reliable solution for all the Slope stabilization and Geo Engineering requirements. We have experienced and trained team of engineers to take care of all the services which we offer and they are always available to support clients’ needs where coordination is required. GeoOne has a philosophy of aligning ourselves with clients, principals and other sub-contractors and plan the project execution keeping the complete ecosystem in mind thus offering smooth execution and application. With nurture the nature as our motto we along with our principal offer environmentally sustainable ecofriendly solutions. We have in-house support for LIDAR surveys to assist our clients in detailed surveys and better designs. We have strategic links with suppliers in India and across the globe to cater to the need of accessories and machines required for construction, installation, investigation, design or surveys.